Sustainable Oceans and Coasts: New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Perspectives

On 21 September 2020, Future Earth Australia hosted the fourth in a series of online consultation workshops in each state and territory across the nation, for its Ocean and Coastal Sustainability initiative. 

36 attendees in NSW and the ACT contributed to the discussion, representing:

  • the research sector, from CSIRO and a range of universities
  • all levels of government working across environmental reporting, regional planning, agriculture, water and environment, coastal planning, and primary industry
  • industry and business, particularly in tourism, offshore energy, blue economy, and consulting
  • civil society and community, namely philanthropy, surfing collectives, sustainable industry advocates, and policy advocates

This document summarises discussions held around the fundamental elements, both from a NSW/ACT perspective and pertaining to NSW and the ACT and Australia more broadly, which will define the National Strategy; vision, knowledge, institutional design and governance, community engagement, and implementation.