Advancing transdisciplinary sustainability science: FEA Year in Review 2023


Future Earth Australia (FEA) is pleased to share its 2023 Year in Review.  

The report details FEA's impact as a critical knowledge broker and facilitator for national and international global change and sustainability research throughout 2023. 

Introducing the report, Future Earth Australia Co-Chairs Professor Wendy Steele (RMIT University) and Dr Jemma Purandare (ECRP Representative) say the program is unique in its approach to transdisciplinary sustainability science.   

"Future Earth Australia occupies a singular space in the Australian sustainability landscape," said Steele and Purandare.  

Future Earth Australia Year in Review 2023. Click to read. 

"The need to address 'wicked' sustainability challenges through convening multiple institutions, knowledge systems and disciplines is growing, and there is no better executor of this approach than Future Earth Australia."  

Program Manager Kate Nairn similarly emphasised that collaboration is essential to catalysing progress across FEA priority areas such as climate adaptation, sustainable cities and regions, and oceans and coasts.   

"The answers to these greatest sustainability challenges are found in many places, disciplines, and communities," said Nairn.   

"[In 2023] we continued to galvanise our wide network of expertise to provide advice on key policy issues and implement the three national strategies developed across the Future Earth Australia lifespan."   

2023 was also significant year for the Future Earth Australia Early Career Researcher and Professionals (ECRP) program which launched two flagship initiatives designed to foster transdisciplinary collaboration at the early career level.   

Supported by a generous philanthropic donation from Grander's Trust, both the Future Earth Australia Opportunities Fund and Co-Lab initiatives took steps to equip the early career sustainability community with the skills and resources needed to navigate complex sustainability problems at a time the FEA Co-Chairs say is a critical moment for the climate: 

“This is a critical decade for action on climate change and there is no comparable network, organisation, or research centre in this country which pursues sustainable, just, and regenerative futures in the manner of Future Earth Australia,” said Steele and Purandare. 

Membership of Future Earth Australia is extended to all Australian universities, research institutions, non-governmental organisations, and government departments interested in joining one of the world’s largest networks dedicated to global sustainability.   

If you or your organisation is interested in being a member of Future Earth Australia, contact Kate Nairn at

Read the full Year in Review 2023 here.