Early-Career Researcher and Practitioner Program

Launched in 2018, the Future Earth Australia Early-Career Researcher and Professionals (ECRP) program connects and supports a transdisciplinary community of early-career scholars and professionals working and researching in the sustainability space.  

This program provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to network, share, research and forge collaborations across sectors, disciplines, and industries

FEA has hosted a series of online and in-person events for ECRP capacity building on a variety of themes. 

Meet the ECRP Representatives

Jemma Purandare, Co-chair—Jemma is an environmental scientist who has worked in water quality, estuarine management, and habitat restoration for the past 16 years. She has a background in both environmental science and environmental law, and currently works for the City of Gold Coast's Water and Waste Directorate while working on her PhD in estuarine science at Griffith University's Coastal and Marine Research Centre. She has a keen interest in the bridge between science and policy and hopes to further contribute to developing stronger environmental and climate conservation and protection in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. Jemma represents an alternative pathway for ECRPs and is keen to ensure all ECRPs are represented, regardless of their age, discipline, or background.

Dr. Anna Lintern, Co-chair—Anna is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University. Her research interests lie in trying to better understand the impact of humans on water quality. Specifically, how humans affect spatial and temporal differences in water quality in our waterways. Understanding what drives spatio-temporal variability in stream and lake water quality will enable us to better predict future water quality in both urban and rural catchments. This will facilitate better planning and implementation of appropriate mitigation strategies for waterway pollution; and thereby protect water sources for both environmental benefits and for human usage.