ECRP Webinar Series: The Urban

Future Earth Australia presents the first in our webinar series for early career researchers and practitioners: The Urban.

This is an online version of our ECRP program. This webinar series will feature three webinars presented over three consecutive weeks, all centered around the theme of The Urban. The aim of this webinar series is to bring together early career researchers and practitioners to learn from experts and network across all disciplines associated with social and environmental sustainability and liveable cities. 

With over 4.2 billion people living in cities worldwide and an expected population of 6.5 billion in the year 2050, the need to focus on the liveability of our cities has never been greater. This webinar series aims to be truly cross-disciplinary, and we encourage registration from any early career researcher and practitioners whose work aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. This can include but is not limited to those conducting research/practising in engineering, science, urban planning, public health, built environment, urban design, geography, economics, and business.

Registration for this webinar series will register you for all 3 parts, and whist each part does not impact the parts that come after it,  we highly recommend that you attend all 3 parts.  We will do our best to provide recordings for those who cannot attend all 3 webinars.

Each webinar will be followed by an optional virtual happy hour, where participants can network with one another over a beverage from the comfort of their homes.


Part 1: A focus on SDGs

8 May 2020, 2.30pm - 4.30pm AEST

Part 1 of The Urban will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals though an urban lens. Presentations will give attendees the opportunity to delve deep into the SDGs and understand how their research connects to them. Participants will then be provided with tools for better integrating the SDGs into their current and future research.

Part 2: Connecting across communities

14 May 2020, 2.30pm - 4.30pm AEST

Part 2 of The Urban will focus on different approaches to research and community collaboration. This will include a case study of Future Earth Australia's ten-year strategy and consultation process on Urban Systems Transformation, as well as presentations about the international working group, the Future Earth Urban Knowledge Action Network. There will also be a presentation on how to engage with different stakeholders throughout the community. 

Part 3: Communicating your research

21 May 2020, 2.30pm - 4.30pm AEST

Part 3 of The Urban will be a professional development workshop on research communication. One presentation will focus on ways to improve presentations for multiple audiences, while another will focus on stakeholder engagement and tips for using social media and online methods of engagement.


Participation is open to early career researchers and practitioners (ECRPs) based anywhere in Australia with an interest in social and environmental sustainability and liveable cities. For the purpose of this event, an ECRP is defined as someone who is either:

  1. studying for their PhD;
  2. employed in academia, industry, government, or a not-for-profit organisation who is within 7 years of obtaining their PhD (allowing for career disruptions); or
  3. employed in academia, industry, government, or a not-for-profit organisation with a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 12 years of experience in their field, and has not studied for a PhD.

Your participation in online ECRP events does not affect your eligibility for future Future Earth Australia ECRP events.


Register for the webinar series at the following link. You will be asked to provide two short answers about your research in order to register.