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Future Earth Australia, based at the Australian Academy of Science, is a peak initiative that convenes leaders across expertise, sectors, and the nation to advance the sustainability agenda and forge pathways to a thriving future.

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National Strategy for Just Adaptation 

"The Strategy aims to create a blueprint for how decision makers, local, state, and federal governments, community leaders, Indigenous community and cultural organisations, nongovernment organisations, advocacy groups, and political leaders from across the spectrum can embed a justice framework in their climate change work."

What we do

Our publications and other outputs influence national discussions on issues relevant to sustainability.

We host and support events that connect people and organisations with diverse backgrounds and sectoral origins to create new opportunities for innovation.

We convene collaborations across sectors, knowledge, and expertise to advance a national sustainability agenda with actionable steps, in the areas defining Australia’s future. We do this through our thematic initiatives.

Our Early Career Researcher and Practitioner Program supports the emerging community of sustainability professionals, researchers, and organisers across the nation to build cross-sectoral networks and skills to tackle sustainability challenges.

Future Earth Australia
Read the vision for a distinctly Australian approach to climate adaptation, grounded in care for Country, justice,…
05:50 PM - 08 Sep 2022
Future Earth Australia
Australia has a deep tradition of human adaptation where groups of people have responded to meet the challenges of…
05:50 PM - 08 Sep 2022
Future Earth Australia
Indigenous Peoples continue to possess an astounding database of climate change events and ongoing traditions of ad…
05:49 PM - 08 Sep 2022
Future Earth Australia
Thank you to Assistant Minister @jennymcallister for launching our National Strategy for Just Adaptation on Tuesday…
08:35 AM - 08 Sep 2022

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